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How to Choose and Hire the Right Architect

architecture drawingWhen you’re planning your next building project, you’ll want an architect by your side.

But what architect is right for your plan? Should you be more precise in your search?

There are many types of architects that specialize in different industries. Architects that aren’t meant to work on your project might refuse your offer. Even worse, they could produce incomplete results.

Keep reading to learn about five different types of architects. While there are many more to consider, we’ll touch on a few that may be relevant to you.

Landscape Architect

Outdoor spaces structure a property as interior spaces would. Many architects focus on the building’s structure. But landscape architects focus on the surrounding structure.

Landscapers do the actual work of maintaining the landscaping layout. Landscape architects actually plan what the space should look like. As opposed to landscape designers, they deal with a diverse array of outdoor areas, like yards, parks, and college campuses.

They’ll take care when designing an outdoor layout. Pathways affect the functionality and structure of the area and inform its aesthetic. They also design elements like outdoor lighting, plants, and seating.

Residential Architect

Residential architects build homes for people to live in. You’ll encounter their work in any neighborhood. This includes homes, apartment buildings, townhouses, and more.

They could work with homeowners to build new homes. Residential architects also work with property developers to increase property value through design.

These architects also renovate the designs of existing homes. Since residences need to be livable, functionality is as important as aesthetics.

Restoration Architect

Restoration architects restore historic and protective properties. Instead of focusing on a structure’s beautification, they focus on honoring the original intention of it.

These architects specialize in both design and legislative education. They also need to understand the history surrounding the project and its unique features. By doing so, they’ll be able to navigate local legislation to plan and carry out their restoration plans.

Commercial Architect

Commercial architects design projects for governmental or business buildings. Such buildings include libraries, shopping malls, hotels, and more.

These buildings should please the experience of building workers and the people they serve. While some designs can be clinical, other designs emphasize aesthetics as much as functionality.

Restaurant Architect

Restaurant architects are specific types of commercial architects that design restaurant buildings. Like other architects, they need an aesthetic knack. But they also need to understand the demands of a commercial food service design.

They need to be experts in structuring facilities like the kitchen and outdoor seating. Restaurant architects also ensure they meet federal regulations on restaurant design. 

Find the Right Types of Architects for Your Next Project

Not all architects are the same. The wide variety of building projects prove that much. So when you’re planning your next project, make sure that you collaborate with the right types of architects.

At oysk3, we understand the importance of a beautiful structure with top utility. If you’d like to find an architect in Knoxville, Tennessee, contact us today! Let’s talk about your building project.