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We combine your ideas with our expert architects and designers to bring your vision to life and prepare detailed drawings and specifications for the delivery of your project. Our architect services cover a wide range of projects, from historic buildings, hotel architecture, healthcare design, and homes.
The award winning oysk3 architects firm has a team of design professionals who reflect our commitment to the highest quality in design and attention to clients. Each of these professionals contributes a vital knowledge of architecture, construction, and interior design to deliver the end product.

As Knoxville architects, we are eager to design architecture projects across the Knoxville area

oysk3 architects team

Jim Odle oysk3 chief architect

Jim Odle

Principal Architect

Tennessee, Virginia and Utah

The University of Tennessee, School of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture, 1973 with Honors

First in line being ‘o’, Jim represents half of the original partnership of Odle & Young Architects. With 30+ years of architecture experience, there's not much Jim hasn't seen or dealt with. You'll love having him as part of your team.

Steve Young oysk3 chief architect

Steve Young

Principal Architect

Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina

The University of Tennessee, School of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture, 1976 with Honors

As Mr. ‘y’, Steve completes the original partnership of Odle & Young Architects.

Steve's 30 plus years in architecture & design will make sure your project is a total success.

Profile Photo of Seth Schweitzer of oysk3 Architects

Seth Schweitzer

Principal Architect


The University of Tennessee
Masters of Business Administration

The University of Tennessee, School of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture

Seth's career started in 1974 during a high school drafting class, designing a simple roundhouse. After attending UT, he received his architectural registration in 1988 in the State of Tennessee. With all the experiences he's lived through over 50 years, Seth is a principal architect living in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife and daughter.

Cara Knapp of oysk3 Architects in Knoxville TN

Cara Knapp

Principal Architect

Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina

Norwich University, School of Architecture

Private Military College in Northfield, Vermont, Bachelor of Architecture, 2001 with Minor in Engineering

Cara strives to bring everything she can to each client, providing the same level of direct, individual service for every architecture project. She has a passion for design, creating a space that is specific to her client’s needs and conscious of constraints outside the scope of the project.

Whether an interior tenant remodel or a new church Family Life Center, Cara is ready and excited to work for you.

area organizations we are proud to be members of

Farragut West Knox chamber of commerce memeber
Sevierville architects
Blount Partnership
Ginger Azpurua architect

Ginger Azpurua

Associate Architect - CSI

The University of Tennessee, School of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture

Ginger had been working for Odle and Young architects for over a decade when she transitioned into oysk3 architects through our merger back in 2017.

She started immersing herself in architecture by taking technical drawing classes in her high school in Venezuela. Afterward, she moved to Tennessee she studied at the University of Tennessee College of Architecture & Design.

Olympic Deanna Rhodes a Interior Designer at oysk3 Knoxville

Deanna Rhodes

Interior Designer

The University of Tennessee, School of Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, 2013 with Honors

Summa Cum Laude graduate from the University of Tennessee. Her enthusiasm for design has given her opportunities to build a diverse background in interior design, architecture, renovation design, furniture specification, and graphic design.

Deanna lives in South Knoxville with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. She is a maker by nature so when she is not in the office you can find her crafting up something for her daughter, tackling a renovation project at home, or hiking the South Knoxville Urban Wilderness trails.

SB Spencer of oysk3 architects in Knoxville

S.B. Spencer

Architectural Designer

The University of Tennessee, School of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture, 1996

Spencer began working for Odle & Young Architects in 2000, made the move from the old office in Fort Sanders to the current office in Mechanicsville, and continues in the merged firm of oysk3 architects.

He took a mechanical drawing class in junior high in Cobb County, Georgia. Eventually, he moved to Knoxville, via Nashville, to attend the University of Tennessee College of Architecture.

Spencer is an avid hiker and a loving father of three grown sons. He has also recently rescued a Dutch Shepard dog.

Katie oysk3 architecture designer

Katie Goethert

Interior Designer

East Tennessee State University, Bachelors of Science in Interior Architecture, 2021 with Honors

Katie Goethert studied at East Tennessee State University focusing in interior architecture and design. Katie began her career working for a contract furniture dealership in Knoxville.

Katie's love for design was realized during an 8th grade STEM class, where she used Autodesk Revit to design and model a shipping container house. She takes great pride in her work and is always ready for the next design challenge.

Meghann architect

Meghann Gregory

Project Manager - AIA, NCARB

The University of Tennessee, School of Architecture, Masters of Architecture

Meghann has been a professional designer since 2007. Her professional emphasis is in urban planning and adaptive reuse systems.

Being from a small town, her passion--for both property reuse and new, durable construction designs that improve community outcomes--is the foundation of her design philosophy. In addition to Meghann's design capabilities and interests, she brings strong business networking skills and commitment to client satisfaction.

Sasha architect
Sherry accountant

Sasha Wright

Architectural Designer

University of California, Masters of Architecture

As a kid, Sasha's parents hired an architect to add on to her childhood home. She fell in love with the art of hand drawing and design and embarked on the architectural path.

Looking for a change from the Los Angeles grind, she and her husband moved to West Knoxville in 2016. She is kept busy by her husband, 2 year old daughter, 2 dogs, and cat.
Her past experience ranges from renovating LAX International Airport to designing high end retail boutiques. Most recently, she specialized in residential renovations and kitchen layouts.

Sherry G. Roop

Office Manager & Accountant

University of Maryland, University College, European Division

Sherry has been working in accounting for over 35 years. Managing accounts and personnel throughout her career. Sherry keeps everything running smoothly in the office so that oysk3 architects can perform at their best.

A military expat from childhood through her career has taught her much through both cultural and professional experiences.  Working for multiple international companies overseas, gave her valuable experience to better manage all aspects of the business life. As an accomplished expert photographer she enjoys composing the perfect shot. It is family first for her, and now considers oysk3 architects as an extension of her family.


oysk3 architects resides in the Rogers Building in Knoxville, Tennessee's Mechanicsville Historic Neighborhood. Our building was designed and renovated into a new commercial space by Jim Odle and Steve Young in 2002 from ‘near condemnation’ conditions to its fully restored architectural status.

The Rogers Building is now on the National Register for Historic Buildings and of course, Jim and Steve’s original architecture firm, Odle & Young Architects, was instrumental in the renovation, providing vision, design, and expertise to transform an unusual and deteriorating structure in a vital neighborhood asset and home for many local businesses.

These restoration efforts did not go unnoticed as the firm received a Certificate of Appreciation from Knox Heritage and the building was nominated as a finalist for the Metropolitan Planning Commission's Excellence Award for Commercial Renovation in 2002.

why the "3" in oysk3 architects?

We tend to get this question quite often (we like to think of it as a great conversation starter!). 

The "3" in our name serves as a reminder to us and our clients of the three key pillars of our architecture firm: to be Consistent, to be Reliable, to be Responsive. 

We carefully focus on and exemplify these three pillars in all that we do, say, and create. They ensure you get the exact level of quality and experience you deserve to have from an architectural firm that cares about you and your success throughout the architecture and design process.

We're excited to have the opportunity to show you just what a difference our "3" can make for you and your architectural design project.