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What to Do With Your Empty Commercial Space

When you’re a property owner, empty space is one thing you don’t want. For each day your commercial space sits unoccupied, you’re losing out on profits and failing to maximize your space’s true potential. If you’re having trouble finding a suitable tenant for your commercial or office space, there are some things you can do to put it to better use.

From your favorite Knoxville architects, here are three innovative and creative ways to stop your commercial space from sitting idle. Read on for some inspiration on smart new ways to use your commercial building.

Create a Coworking Space

With the pandemic having forced so many people to work from home, there are now scores of newly remote workers who might be looking for somewhere other than their bedrooms to get their jobs done. Instead of trying to lease your office space out to an entire company, why not offer it to workers on an individual basis? Many Knoxville architecture firms will be happy to help you with the best way to go about transforming your space.

You probably already have many of the necessary facilities—WiFi, a kitchenette—it’s just a matter of reconfiguring the space so that it’s co-working ready. You may want to make it more open plan, rearrange the desks, and add in more bathrooms. With a few tweaks, it should be ready to start making you money.

Host Pop-Up Shops and Events

Pop-up shops and events have become particularly popular over the last few years. A pop-up is a store that opens on a temporary basis—usually for a few days or weeks. By catering to this type of client, you’ll be opening yourself up to a ton more business opportunities.

The best commercial architects will be able to help you configure your space so that it is as versatile as possible. This, in turn, will make it more attractive to prospective pop-ups.

Branch Out Into Private Events

You might not like the idea of people throwing parties in your commercial space, however, there are many types of events that are perfectly suited to an empty commercial space. You can offer your space up to networking events, book clubs, or meetups. This is an easy way to monetize your empty space.

If you have existing structures in your space that might hinder its usability, you can consult with an architect to help you to decide what to do. Making the space as usable as possible will make it more attractive to event managers and groups.

Make Sure There Is Enough Room For Your Growing Company

As a company grows, it will need to add more resources of staff, equipment, and furniture. This means space will be limited. You have outgrown your current space and need more. It is important to keep a good balance of space to keep up productivity with your team. An office with more space also creates flexibility with your layout. Most importantly, you can use this extra space for a better client and staff experience.

Tried and Trusted Knoxville Architects

If you have a commercial space you’re finding hard to fill, why not repurpose it and start making money right away? An architect will make the process of renovating your office easy and give you a beautiful new space to continue to grow your business from. oysk3 architects are Knoxville architects with years of experience. If you’re looking for commercial architects near me, or an architect in knoxville, TN, why not give us a call today and see how we can help you create a usable, versatile and profitable commercial space?