the oysk3 design process

As a prospective owner of your new home, restaurant, office, shop, healthcare facility, or other commercial property you may want to know more about the process of architecture.  What do the different architecture and design stages look like?  When does the process go from idea to actual architecture? How does the idea evolve and become something you can actually build from and eventually live in?

From the first inkling of your vision to walking into your newly finished space, our focus is on you and making your architecture project a success.

While not every building project is the same (wouldn't that be boring?), we do use our straight-forward process with all of our clients so they know what to expect and when to expect it.

Our proven oysk3 process is used for our commercial and residential architecture projects alike, always with great results and satisfied clients.

  • Project Scope


    The architectural design process is essential in providing a series of steps so that the end result is the best architecture & design   Whether your architect needs are in Knoxville, Tennessee, or elsewhere, we take time at the beginning of the design process or the pre-design phase of architecture to learn about you, to make

  • Preliminary Design


    The preliminary design is integral to your new building project from start to finish. Whether it is putting down ideas in a concept diagram. Or design development in detailing a bookshelf and cabinet. It is a way to get the best solutions for your new residential or commercial building. Bigger decisions are tackled that typically

  • Due Diligence


    The architect follow through with some due diligence and conduct a feasibility study to help determine the reality (or scope) of the project, specific to code limitations and costs associated with them. This is dotting as many "i's" as we can and crossing the "t's" to limit potential roadblocks later on in the architectural project.

  • Design Development


    Design development is stimulating part of the process where ideas get pulled out into a three dimensional form of your building project. Although your involvement will take time and numerous decisions must be made, working with your architect should be a fun and rewarding experience. You tell us what you like or don’t like in

  • Construction Documents


    Traditionally referred to as "Blueprints", Construction Documents are necessary for permitting and demonstrating how the final design complies with local and state building codes. They also communicate to the contractor exactly what you what built and how to put it all together.

  • Construction Administration


    If we're contracted with you for Construction Administration, we are an advocate for you. We verify that the builder is performing, supplying and building as they agreed to. We also review shop drawings for specific building materials and products, plus review payment applications.

  • After


    There’s often a temptation to jump right into home or commercial projects. After all, the earlier you start, the earlier you can finish, right? Regrettably, it doesn’t work that way if you haven’t done a substantial amount of planning ahead of time. Oysk3 design professionals have helped thousands of people see their visions come to

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